1.           TEAM SELECTION

1.1         Selection will be by the Coaches in conjunction with the Club Committee. The selection will be for each individual competition to achieve the optimum results for that particular event.

1.2                   Team selection criteria

1.2.1      Individual events – fastest time, identified by current records.

1.2.2      Relay events – fastest combination of individual times, identified by current records.

1.2.3             The only exception to this is if the Coaches and Committee together decide it is necessary to override the above criteria.

1.3                   Team commitments

1.3.1             Individual and relays – swimmers will be informed of their selection at least 14 days prior to the meet, when possible. When selected it is the swimmers’ objective to fulfil the commitment. If a swimmer is unable to participate, the Coaches and Committee should be advised immediately, or the swimmer will be considered available.

1.3.2             Attendance – refusal to swim at any Club event, in which a swimmer has been chosen to represent the Club, will force the Club to take appropriate action against the swimmer. This will be at the Committee’s discretion. All Members should at all times be encouraged to support their Club.

2.           DISCIPLINE

2.1         Any Member of the Club and/or persons involved with activities within the Club, who behaves in a manner detrimental to the objectives of the Club, will be disciplined by a Disciplinary Committee. This includes abuse of:

·         Coaches

·         Club Officials

·         Club Volunteers

·         Club Members

Wilful damage of Club property or other swimmers’ property or any other action deemed to have a negative effect on the running of the Club or bringing the sport into disrepute.

2.2         Disciplinary matters regarding Coaches will be handled by the Arena Management.

2.3         Disciplinary Committee

The Committee will comprise of the President, Vice President and two other Management Committee Members and the Arena Coaching Co-ordinator, should these people be unavailable, then 5 Members of the Management Committee will form the Disciplinary Committee.

2.3                   Disciplinary Procedure

The Procedure shall be as follows:

2.3.1      All Complaints shall be made to the President or Vice President.

2.3.2             Upon receiving the Complaint, the President, Vice President, or one of the Disciplinary Committee Members shall bring the parties together in an attempt to resolve the problem in an informal manner.

2.3.3             If the procedure described (Clause 2.3.2) cannot be achieved, the procedure is as follows:   All Complaints shall be in writing and signed by the person or persons making the complaint.   On receiving the Complaint and examining the circumstances, the Disciplinary Committee will decide on appropriate measures to be enforced. This could be by way of a fine, reprimand, suspension, expulsion, or otherwise deal with the person who, in its opinion, is in breach of Club rules.   If the person wishes to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, they should lodge an appeal in writing, within 7 days.   Appeal matters will be determined by a special meeting called by the President, and addressed by the Executive Committee.