Arena Swim Club

Time Keeping Responsibilities

Hosts of swim meets, allocate clubs swim lanes according to a number of swimmers from the club attending the particular meet. When Arena Swim club is allocated time keeping lanes it is our obligation to fill these positions so that the meet can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As members of ASC, it is the parent/guardians obligation to be available for this role at every meet their child/children compete in.

The roster will be posted prior to the event on the main page of the web site.

Please note that if your child is sick or unable to attend for any reason please liaise with other parents who are attending to ensure your timekeeping duties are fulfilled as part of the terms and agreement that is agreed to when joining Arena Swim Club.

Does Arena Swim Club have a uniform? Yes, we sure do, uniform ordering nights are held once a month, you can purchase T-shirts’, Hoodies, Deck Coats, Shorts, Towels etc we have samples available for you to tried on and then the order is place and it takes about 4 weeks for delivery, keep an eye out on our closed Facebook Page for further details.

ASC Swim Club Bathers are a special order, which will be placed twice a year.

What Gear Do I Need for Training? All junior squads need long fins, kickboard, goggles (even a spare pair) drink bottle filled with water, clearly marked with your name, great way to store all this gear is in a kick bag.  Check out for further training equipment.

Can I leave my child at HBF Joondalup Arena while they are swimming? Please note that Venue West HBF Joondalup requires that all children under 12 be supervise by an adult.  Please make sure you bring your child/ren into the complex and be back in time for collection at the end of the lesson.

Do I have to pay for Grandparents/Family to come watch my Child Swim? Great news once you are an ASC member you only have to pay pool entry for the Swimmer all spectators are free to come in and watch.

Does Arena Swim Club have Club Nights? Yes, and what a lot of fun these are, these are a free event and a great way to get a taste of competitive racing in a friendly environment with lots of cheering from your team mates.  Dates, Events and Times are to be advised by the Head Coach, so keep an eye out on our closed Facebook Page for further details.

Does Arena Swim Club have Targeted Swim Meets? All ASC targeted meets are sent out by ASC Coaching Team via emails to all Competive Members.  Please don’t enter your child into a swim meet without first checking with your coach.

What are the Arena Swim Club bank details? Arena Swim Club BSB 036 231 Account no: 144743

How do I pay for my squad fees? All ASC squad fees are direct debits from your nominated account on the 25th of each month, and if you start half way through a month it is pro rata for the days you will be swimming.  You will need to fill in a direct debit from and return it to  If your details every need updating, please send thru updated direct debit form before the 15th of each month.

I wish to cancel my membership? Thanks for being part of the Team, we are sorry to see you go, we will just need you to fill in a cancellation form which is located on our web page Please note that we don’t refund annual membership fees but can cancel your monthly direct debits.

ASC Annual Membership what does this cover? ASC Annual Membership is a yearly fee this is your insurance while swimming with Arena Swim Club, all first time Members receive a free squad cap on commecment with ASC.

What happen if I miss a Squad Session? We understand that from time to time you won’t be able to make all your sessions due to sickness or holidays or school commitments.  ASC doesn’t offer make up lessons due to our squad sizes, your monthly squad fee is holding your spot in the squad.

Public Holidays? ASC doesn’t train on public holidays as the venue is normally closed, we don’t offer make up lessons as this effects all squad swimmers and it is built into the monthly squad fees.

My Child is Sick or Injury what should I do? Please send an email thru to of any illness, injury as the Coaching Team likes to be keep in the loop with all issues that might affect the swimmer in the water.  If you have an older Swimmer, they are more than welcome to discuss their situation with their coach directly.

I need to speak to my child Coach, should I approach them on pool deck? Please note that ASC would appreciate it if no parents come down on to pool deck while the Coaches are coaching as this is a busy time trying to coordinate up to 30 to 60 swimmers at one time, please either email or phone Simon with your concerns and a suitable time will be made available for you to speak to your child’s Coach. Thank You.

ASC Members and Families

All members are required to treat other members, committee members, volunteers, coaches, and venue staff with respect and fairness. Inappropriate behavior such as violence, abuse, bullying or harassment will not be tolerated and will result in members disciplinary proceedings.

My Child Squad Cap has ripped, where do I get a new one from? Please pop into the office Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm and purchased a new squad cap $10 Cash or $11 Eftpos – Squad Caps are to be worn to every session, a great way to feel part of ASC Team.

Communications Tools

Please keep an eye on ASC Web Site or joined our closed Facebook Group: ARENASWIMCLUB

ASC also sends out regular emails and Newsletters to all members.

Please email to be added to the list.

Abbreviations used in Swimming

Juniors – competitor ages up to and including 12yrs
Age – competitors aged 13yrs to 18yrs
Open – all ages

LC – Long Course (50-metre pool)
SC – Short Course (25-metre pool)

QT – event qualifying time
AAQT – event qualifying time to enter nominated Swimming WA events except State Championships
SQT – event qualifying time to enter State Championships
NQT –  event qualifying time to enter National Championships
NT – No time has been recorded by the swimmer for the event

DQ – Disqualification
SWA – Swimming WA
JX – Junior Excellence Award Program (Swimming Australia)
YP –  Youth Performance Award Program (Swimming Australia)